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Young Survivors

by My Dinosaur Life

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Yellow Walls 03:23
How can I weather out the storm And live these days Crossing state lines until I’m finally safe? I’ll put behind all these backroads And the cracks on their asphalt That I’ve walked for too long I can’t waste all this time With bleeding fingers on the ground Trying to survive like I did before How can I handle nights that bring me down? My thoughts collide against these yellow walls It fucks me up, leaving me empty and sleepless in my room I’ll burn out until I’m gone Nothing hurts quite this bad Avoided ghosts always find their way back To take the light from my pale half closed eyes I’m sick and tired of the noise that they make This petrifying fear That ghosts have left is The only thing that I see When I’m alone
Twisted and worn out Like a rusty nail I’m trying not to fall Winter of 2010 I remember every weeknight at the bar The taste of blood between our teeth We said we’d be leaving all behind We say that every year No, I won’t let you drag me down I’ll walk through the storm And keep my feet anchored to the ground A whiskey coloured stain on my new shirt The taste of the floor is way more than what I can afford One fast move or I’m gone I won’t spend my summer nights Standing in the yard under the stars I’ll retrace my steps and look for what I’ve lost Along those sunbeaten roads You burned that bridge So don’t bother looking back I’m already gone There’s no solid ground for old drunks and dreamers Just have to deal with the ghosts There’s no solid ground for old drunks and dreamers It’s hard to stop reeling How did I get here Gasping for air under a street lamp? You must have thought I never even tried Now all I have is this ringing in my ears The deafening sound of the same damn song It was all I could hear
Oh no, I can feel it again These gloomy thoughts might slowly draw me in Out of breath, can someone please get me out this bed? Pine needles and wood smoke On a dark December day Fueling up my winter blues We, young survivors, are targets again And it’s not an odd unconfident youth Shooting at us this time We raised a holy hell If there’s a way out I know it’s not on our own Gotta find some safe ground Where we can lay our heads down I spent eighteen days out there Roaming in the wild Northwest But still I couldn’t find The missing piece I’ve been looking for But maybe it’s just me I can’t see past the end of my nose Dazed and confused Like the lost fortyniners We’re searching for gold when all We really need is pure water If there’s a way now I need to know Hearts on the line, we can’t come up short
Wooden Forts 03:50
We grew up building up wooden forts by our own They’ve never made it through the summer First smokes blown away by the warm wind of July The world was for everyone who wanted it We started to be more selfish We got mad to be well dressed and Then we let the weather change our mood Now we leave our shoes by the door Just to keep our pavements clean Oh why shouldn’t I abuse of silence? With years it gets more meaningful than answers In my trembling heart, an old guitar resounds at night With chords and words I’ll never find I’ll always remember Every hard laugh in our summer skin When we fall asleep with a smile aimed at a new day Was it really the best? Maybe I’ve wasted all the best of me I’m a broken second hand stuck in time with my regrets Shaking in this cold bunk Carving invane to fall asleep My life is like a sleeping car While the world runs underneath High and dry With a fire inside High and dry I’ll turn the tide
The ashtray can’t handle one more of your cigarettes That’s what you’re staring at with nothing to say I thought the movie was catching your eyes but They were just gazing the doorway Wednesday’s not The perfect day to connect the dots My bedroom light seems like the shadow of winter When you go home it comes over me Lay in my bed as long as you want Tomorrow morning I’ve got to go to work Head in clouds at the bookshop Thinking how lucky I am with what I’ve got But wednesday’s not The perfect day to impress new Memories on freshly painted walls of my new living room Memories of you like ghosts Haunt this house everytime I’m home alone You got nothing to lose When you got nothing to play with And you got nothing to prove Just don’t expect that we’re going to stay Don’t expect that we’re going to stay just the way we were When I brush your hair You look like shocked As if my hands were wires (my hands are wires) But your eyes look like lighters (your eyes are lighters) So I feel like I’m playing with fire (I’m playing with fire) We were before Before we spoke through the night, through the party, sounds And lights and we kissed before the sunshine Before I asked you to date me At least a dozen times Before like Curtis with Cash you finally said “yes” Kate, I’ve really walked the line Now we’re nothing more, nothing more than these nights You won’t miss me like I do I’m a dry field, you’re the rain I’m a wound and you’re the pain Now I miss the pain, miss the rain, Seasons change but this won’t change You won’t miss me like I do, Kate you threw it all away
And it feels like We’re always waiting For whatever could make a difference And it feels like there’s no rest And it feels like We’re always chasing For whatever could make us more confident And it feels like there’s no rest At least we’re alive We’re alive You keep me alive


This record is a collection of songs about growing up, dealing with good times, bad times and all the crazy stuff that a twenty-something has to deal with.

Being in this band was the best medicine to get through all these years, and we put everything we had in every chord and every word.

We hope you get something out of it.


released December 15, 2017

All songs written and recorded by My Dinosaur Life.

Engineered, mixed and mastered by Riccardo Daga at TITANS LAB Recording Studio in Ferrara, Italy.

Label & Management: TOO LOUD Records
Marketed Worldwide by WormHoleDeath


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My Dinosaur Life Cremona, Italy

We're a band from Cremona, Italy. We make music.

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